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Understanding “Work Triangle” When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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The dominant and interesting geometric shape in most of the kitchens is the triangle shape that holds an important element in designing and functionality. If you are with the plans to remodel or renovate your kitchen, the odds which you need to learn and heard a lot is to begin the work following the Kitchen work triangle that in the best way sets up your kitchen with acceptable distance to the main areas.

In reality, it is a simple idea which saves energy and time and connects you to the three main areas of work which are: the sink, the refrigerator and the stove. Understand the concept which is of incredible help and allow you or the designers to follow the rules that suit the purpose.

Get the perfect shape with creative design

Many spend days, weekends and months in searching the right design and concept of the kitchen to make it the most new, spacious and stunning in design and look and even gorgeous in cabinet designs as well. It is understood that you are more attached to that corner of your home where you spend most of the time in inventing new recipes and enhancing your cooking skills for the family. The obstacle faced in moving over the area is kept in mind while planning the design and presented the most aesthetically pleasing space in the form of “work triangle” which is the best form to remodel your kitchen and use the space in an easy way.

Just imagine your kitchen for a moment and everyday activities you perform to cook, clean and keep most of your food. Visualize the sink and the area you wish to move towards the dishwasher to clean utensils and do most of the cooking task. Imagine the lines and the distance you run from every area to the other which forms a triangle to follow and design according to it.

What really is Work Triangle related to Kitchen?

Interestingly, the idea of the kitchen work triangle was built up in 40’s the time when the kitchen was only a small space with appliances usually large. The space was observed as the only place to complete the cooking and cleaning task. But today, the advancement in technology, creative skills and modern thinking of the people has made to present kitchen work triangle that connects the main areas and less than 4-5 feet of distance and larger than 9 feet to reach and carry on the work.

Generally, the total area of the triangle space needs to be amid 13 to 26 feet and if the area or the distance is small, it makes the kitchen look cramped or blocked. It is essential to follow the work triangle to present a good amount of space and cooking as easy as assumed.

How this concept does work?

  • Imagine about how well you get roughly in your kitchen area.

Think about what frustrates you in the kitchen and what creates problems when cooking or cutting vegetables. What is the thing to be added with a few changes in limited budget? Imagine about the main thing that irritates or bothers you and need help to figure out in what way to organize the workspace in your kitchen with work triangle format.

When the Work triangle concept was created, there lack space for entertaining and decorations. But when compared to the present times, there is a lot of space as it has become the main spot of the home to share space with dining rooms and living rooms as a form of entertaining area and near to serve delicious dishes.

  • Stress on the main areas of cooking

If you are redesigning your kitchen, keep in mind the arrangement of cabinets, storage space for utensils, storage of spices and the location for the fridge which is the main appliance to store food. Decide the space according to it without any confusion or conflict and follow the kitchen work triangle for a better shape. Besides this, the shape of the kitchen decides whether the triangle shape is suitable for it or requires remodeling as well. Arrange perfect space for cooking, sorting vegetables, arranging spices, cleaning the dishes and reaching to the fridge to store cooked or raw food.

Measure the area and think the way to design

No need for the area to be even as the shape of the triangle will be different based upon the kind of kitchen you have. In addition to it, it is advised to keep in mind the additional functions as modern kitchens have a multipurpose area to place a large island for the stove, a desk to place regular things and adequate preparation space. If you dream to have a large kitchen place but end with a small area, then place sink amid the refrigerator and stove area, which benefits to reach to the appliance for better work without any access or bothering to the cooking work.

In case of Kitchen Island, it needs to be 42 to 48 inches wide on every side for easy walk and to complete the work with the appliance. Even this presents a breathing area between one object and the other and saves the doors from getting crashed with the island while opening or closing it.

Be the master chef in the kitchen

Choose a perfect work triangle with proper understanding which is the main objective of every homemaker. Follow the steps that let your work zone present a pleasing and spacious look and easy to turn towards work proficiently. Well, efficiency is the main objective of the work triangle as it keeps the major work position reachable to the cook without letting it be so close to the cook and present a cramped look. Fortunately, this concept is designed to minimize the traffic within the kitchen area and even considered that the cook is free and uninterrupted in the task. A disturbed mind and a traffic area spoil the recipe for which a standard kitchen layout is essential to follow and dream for the kitchen which has every amenity to utilize and feel proud of it.


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