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Top Advantages of Quartz Countertops as an Alternate to Granite

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Nowadays, quartz countertops are used as one of the best alternatives for granite. Quartz is treated as the most improved countertop material that can inculcate greater strength and power. Quartz countertops are very much decorative as laminated finishes are found and this is why they look much prettier in comparison to granite surfaces. Therefore, if you are looking for a better choice after granite, then nothing can be the most prominent one other than quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are fully natural and this is why an eco-friendly atmosphere can be easily maintained which is pretty safer for the kitchen users.

If you are not aware of the usage and utilities of quartz countertops, then you can definitely follow the manufacturer’s guide. This guide plays the most important role as you can learn proper utilization of quartz countertops from the same. Moreover, you can also come to know about the regular maintenance and cleaning of quartz countertops. Quartz is an engineered product of stone and thus it has got the highest longevity than others. Quartz countertops can now be installed to any place of your house but mostly it is found within kitchen areas so that kitchen activities can be smoothly performed.

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Major reasons for higher popularity of quartz countertops

Quartz countertops have got almost 95% of quartz granules along with 5% of colorants and resins. In fact, engineering procedure can be highly facilitated with the presence of outstanding natural properties as a result of which quartz countertops can be well processed. There are some unique features or characteristics that are quite common in quartz countertops and they are as follows:-

Natural beauty of quartz countertops is really quite outstanding as a result of which stunning appeal can be reflected. But in this case quartz granule size also matters a lot. In fact, the overall shine or glossiness of these countertops primarily depends on the concerned factor. If the granules are finer, then only consistent shine of the countertops will be easily maintained in the long run while on the other hand speckled look will be created from larger granules. The shine of the countertops is also highly dependent on the available shades or colors. This is the reason you must chose the most reflecting color so that the overall surface shine can be maintained in the long run. It is your responsibility to maintain the surface shine and thus you got to maintain the same in a perfect way. You can clean the countertops on a regular basis so that the surface shine remains the same and unwanted wastes can be easily removed.

Quartz countertops are made tougher so that greater longevity can be maintained and on the other hand the countertops will remain damage-free. Cracking and chipping can be avoided in this case as a result of which you can use the countertops without any troubles. Since the material is scratch-resisting in nature therefore the countertops are well protected against different probable damages especially tear, wear and other related ones. it might happen that while using knife you hands get slipped as a result of which the knife falls down with greater speed over the countertop but then also the surfaces will not develop any scratches. The surfaces are also very much capable of bearing additional weights easily without getting damaged and this is one of the most important specialties of these kinds of durable countertops. Therefore, you can keep all kitchen appliances, utensils and vegetables over these countertops without fearing about damages.

One of the most interesting reasons for which quartz countertops are gaining the highest market popularity in the present age is that they are heat resisting in nature. Higher temperatures can be easily and efficiently resisted by these countertops and thus heat damages can be prevented. This is the reason you can keep heated cooking appliances over these countertops immediately after cooking with greater convenience. The countertops are also protected against moisture as water is not absorbed within the surfaces due to protective lamination. Nasty scotches can be avoided as sticky wastes do not stay for a longer time over laminated surfaces of these countertops. The surfaces can be easily cleaned with any kind of cleaning solutions but make sure that the solutions do not have harsh chemicals. You can also use dry cloth for all-time cleaning purposes but for stubborn wastes, improved cleaners need to be essentially used.

Quartz countertops are getting recognized and non-porous surfaces and this is the reason that greater sustainability can be ensured by the manufacturers. You do not require creating any artificial sealing for the surfaces as the countertops are automatically sealed and this is how you can save cost on maintenance and repairing. Sealing is necessary for the sake of preventing staining but since these countertops are automatically sealed therefore you do not require worrying about the staining trouble. On the other hand, the surfaces are very much resisting towards bacteria and thus they will never get infected in spite of repeated usage. Bacteria growth is always prevented on the surfaces as a result of which moulds or mildews are never found on these countertops.

Quartz countertops are quite safe to use and they are being certified by NSF and this is the reason that they can be used years after years in the same condition. Thus, you do not require changing or replacing the old ones with the new ones on a frequent note. You can now conduct different kinds of cooking activities with greater peace and relaxation by means of using these kinds of high-quality and durable countertops. Wastes and residual food-particles can be easily wiped with clean and dry cloth rather than facing any unwanted hassles. In fact, these countertops can also be easily reached by the kids and they can use the same safely. Do not forget to collect the warranty from the manufacturer otherwise you will miss out the chance of getting free servicing or repairing within the specified period.


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