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What Are Current Trends for Tile Options When Remodeling Your Bathroom

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A significant yet troublesome undertaking when upgrading a bathroom is the floor tile. There is an assortment of various materials available to choose from. You can find bathroom tiles for floor or walls. There are various advantages and drawbacks to consider before choosing one of them. Consider the range of materials that can be utilized and check which is the best one for your bathroom as well as budget. Here we list out some popular sorts of bathroom tiles.


This can be termed as a standout amongst the most prominent bathroom tile choices available currently. It is fired and coated clay and they will be a decent choice for many bathrooms. They are easy to maintain, with a simple soppy towel. They don’t permit germs to develop on them and they are durable as well. The only drawback is that you have to buy enough at one time as the hues can change from one pack to the next. You will need to make certain that you have the same number pack all through the purchase that you make.

Terrazzo Tiling

You might have seen terrazzo tile in many public premises. It is a marble kind of material that has spots all through. You will find it on floors often. Marble chips are set into the concrete to make the appearance. It is a smoothly completed item. It will keep going in the same condition for a long time if you carefully maintain it. You can now find it available as bathroom tiles to utilize. It works better for your countertop or your walls since it is extremely slippery when get wet.

Slate Tiling

As an extremely solid item, slate tiles functions excellently as bathroom tiles. You will find that these give a stone like appearance and add a great deal of texture to the floor. This can be lovely when done effectively. The main drawback is that slate can split after some time, giving you cracks in the ground surface. However, you can use it in bathroom as long as you don’t manhandle it.

Glass Tiling

Glass tiles are another brilliant choice that you have for your bathroom. They are available in a range of incredible hues and textures and are perfect for a delightful bathroom. You will require an expert to install glass as it can be extremely troublesome to manage. Hence, this can make for a costly bathroom redesign. It makes a perfect accent tile and additionally a backsplash.

All bathroom tile choices you have offer advantages and a few disadvantages. However, finding the right one takes some time and energy. You will want to discuss with your friends and acquaintances who have recently renovated their bathroom floor. They may provide you with first hand tile choices for your bathroom. You can also look at online forums, review sites to get some unique ideas and information regarding bathroom tiling. Regardless of choices, it is fully up to you which tile to choose for your bathroom.

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