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Considering Free Stand Tubs When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom, the place where every person desires to feel like a spa with modern accessories and fittings is in trend and followed with great ideas and insight. Replacing the old designs with new and making it the masterpiece that suits to today’s health spa like places is the desire of every homeowner who presents lots of effort to achieve it. Beautiful, amazing, luxurious and peaceful bathrooms with an attached bathtub are a must to have accessory similar to that of the importance of bedroom furniture.

Are you with the plans to remodel your bathroom with free stand bathtub in the form of a beautiful fixture? Do you think this desire to make the bathroom space look larger and comfortable like a spa is outstanding? Of course and there are bathtubs in wide range of materials to choose in stunning shapes and light weight that retains the heat and best in resisting, fading, chipping and scratching. Basically, the bottom of the tub is supported by feet or by a pedestal base which is decorative in look and a solid feature that gives the look like a cradle.

How to choose a free stand bathtub?

Generally, it is observed that a shower is a quick way to bath and get cleaned and move on to the next work. But in case of bathtubs, it is a relaxing way and an alternative to the shower to add bath salt and feel its effects on the skin for a few minutes. They are a soothing reward, a thoughtful reprieve and even a place for a personal experience. Its appeal is understood by the bathtub manufacturers and designers which let them to present a range of shapes, styles and features that match to your budget and initially your taste to install at once.

Go through the designs of the free stand bathtubs while remodeling your bathroom, as it is more than a piece of furniture and finished on all sides. It offers flexibility in placement and a strong image statement. Check whether a bathtub fits in the area you like to install or need some extra space as a best solution. Generally, bathtubs take more space than the built-ins and it is also a factor of floor-mount models which need more floor space. Go through the variety of styles right from the vintage claw foot to the flowing modern shapes as it lends a spa like experience which is impossible to achieve with that of the built-in bathtubs.

Remodeling ideas – choosing a free stand bathtub

As per the latest designs and trends, the majority of people wish to keep away the outdated designs by remodeling their homes beginning with bathrooms. They leave a space; remove the old bath tub or a large vanity for more space. These are the best bathroom renovation or remodeling ideas for ultimate relaxation by installing a free stand bathtub in that place.

It is easy and simple to install the free stand bath tubs as they are good in functions and change the tone of your bathroom, presenting a relaxing haven sort of look that affect the style. Frequently, these bathtubs invoke the images of the large bathrooms and they can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom, near the large window for better outside view during the hot water bath or for the view of nature.

Right choice to move on and consider

If you are 100% decided to replace the old interiors of bathroom with modern accessories and bathtub, then move on and choose the free stand bathtub as the right choice for the space which for sure will fulfill your desire of enjoying a luxury spa at home. In case if you have the idea of no tub, then a freestanding tub will promote your interior design and present a relaxing haven.

The bathtub you purchase and install will determine about your choice the lifestyle you wish to live and enjoy.

Tips to follow in choosing the style and shape of free stand bathtub

  • Go through the options where you need to place it, either at the center or in the corner or next to a window.
  • Think the purpose you are planning to install the free stand bathtub, whether it is a long soaking with aromatic bath salts or for a comfort bath as top priority.
  • Before finalizing, determine the area of the floor essential to install the bathtub and the elements that surround your bathroom.
  • Make sure that there are no hassles and obstructions when considering the swing of the doors and the vanity drawers and the overall layout along with the flow of the traffic in the bathroom.
  • In case, if you decide on to the position of the tub at the center, then keep in minds that about the limit of the options for placing the faucets and the reachable storage to reach to the bath toiletries.
  • It is observed that a few of the tubs have an outstanding installation requirement based upon the shape, size and its weight for which it is essential to check the suitability of it in the bathroom and then choose lastly.

How is it filled?

Some of the bathtubs have holes drilled in the tub deck or tub wall to accommodate the faucets. In case, if you have selected a range of tubs which have no need of drilling holes, then opt for the faucets that come from the surrounding wall or from the floor based upon the position of the bathtub.

Check the plinth or pedestal bathtubs as this design lifts the tub slightly from the floor, adding a decorative and modern touch to your bathroom. Today, these tubs are top in demand as they are comfortable and amazing for a luxurious and ling bathing. To your knowledge, the unique style of freestanding bathtubs is similar to the Japanese bath tubs they use it for soaking themselves and feel deeper that lets the body submerse completely in the water.

Check online showroom or share a word with the designer who will advise for the space to begin the remodeling work and help to decorate the interiors as per your choice.


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